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At OPTICO AG, we pride ourselves on a long history of excellence. Since 1987 we have been committed to providing the best products and highest level of customer service possible. Our complete in-house optical design and component fabrication capabilities include cutting, shaping, edging, grinding, and polishing a wide variety of standard and exotic materials. Additionally assembly, optical, mechanical and metrology expertise that ensures your final product is easy to manufacture in a reliable manner with on time delivery. Our solutions encompass manufacturing of prototypes and production volumes.

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The ever changing demands in the laser industry requires a sohisticated process optimization for the fabrication of optical components. Laser Optics use specific substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to provide superior performance.


The optical and mechanical components used in complex wafer inspection are developed and produced using cutting edge technologies, which support customer requirements in a wide spectrum from IR, visible, and DUV.


Optics have become a key enabling technology in cutting edge applications in life sciences. High performance optics in medical devices enable medical professionals to use most advanced techniques and provide the best diagnostic .

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Supporting innovators from first idea to global impact. We support innovators throughout their entire journey. Bringing brilliant minds together to provide lean & hands-on services.

New Management

Christian Müller

Project & Development | Chairman of the board

Thomas Zanettin

CEO | Head Of Executive Board

Daniel Toresan

Financial Manager | Member of the board

Joel Pfeiffer

Production Manager & QM | Member of the board

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